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Jay.Greens is a Denver based Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist and MC. As one of Perception Records primary producers, and original founders; Jay.Greens is involved in the production, performance, and creative direction of a variety of different projects all under the Perception Records umbrella. He seeks to craft high quality, honest and genuine art that inspires artists and fans alike in any genre. Jake has spent his entire life, and over a decade professionally pursuing his purpose and life mission through music; creating art that inspires, and helping other artists find their creative direction, and inspiration in order to help them fulfill their own purposes and bring their unique visions to life.

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Baltimore born and Denver based artist, CJ., does not shy away from sending waves of funky beats and groovy vibes. His blending of traditional House music elements alongside raunchy bass funk sets dance floors ablaze. CJ.’s energy-filled live experience has been brought all over the US with noteworthy gigs including; Miami Music Week debut set at the Hood Politics All Star party, Las Vegas at Ayu Dayclub, and Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. There is something intangible and magnetizing about this young talent. With continual praise from venues, promoters, and artists alike, CJ.’s contagious energy creates a top tier vibe in both the studio and live setting.

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