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Jay.Greens is a Denver based Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist and MC. As one of Perception Records primary producers, and original founders; Jay.Greens is involved in the production, performance, and creative direction of a variety of different projects all under the Perception Records umbrella. He seeks to craft high quality, honest and genuine art that inspires artists and fans alike in any genre. Jake has spent his entire life, and over a decade professionally pursuing his purpose and life mission through music; creating art that inspires, and helping other artists find their creative direction, and inspiration in order to help them fulfill their own purposes and bring their unique visions to life.

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Midnight.Blue is a Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, RnB super-group based out of Denver, Colorado.  It is a collaborative project that began in April of 2020 featuring Lyle Divinsky (formerly The Motet) - Vocals, Eric Benny Bloom - Trumpet (Lettuce), Josh Fairman - Bass (Sunsquabi), Adam Deitch - Drums (Lettuce), Ian Gilley - Keyboards (Recess), Jake “Jay.Greens” Leventhal  - Guitar (Perception Records), Halle Tomlinson - Vocals (The Voice) and G. Finesse - Vocals (Black Eagle Society). The group has a unique modern sound, driven by deep grooves, creative harmony, and melodic, soulful and thought provoking vocals. Midnight.Blue is set to release their debut album “Breathe” on August 18th, 2022 followed by an album release party at The Bluebird Theater in Denver on September 1st, 2022.

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