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​Perception Records is Denver's newest record label founded by multi-instrumentalist & producer Jake “Jay.Greens” Leventhal. Jake has been an active member of the Colorado music community as a performer, producer, and agent for the past 10 years and has a deep love for art, music, and culture. The label was founded with the philosophy that only through collaboration and community are we best able to reach our greatest creative and artistic potential. 

Perception Records seeks to elevate artists and their art in order to help them fulfill their creative visions by providing resources, guidance and opportunities to collaborate with top tier session musicians, producers, engineers and songwriters. It is our hope that Perception Records will be a mechanism to lift up and connect artists in the Colorado music scene, and artists from various communities across the country. We seek to amplify each artist’s individual culture, unique style and voice by expanding their access to valuable resources and collaborative experiences; as a result, increase the reach and impact that they are able to have in the world.

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